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About Us

About Us

La Quinta Arequipa is a small lodge with 8 rooms, all with private bathrooms, ideal for families, friends, couples, etc. It is ideal for families or groups of friends of up to 20 people, the rooms have a warm atmosphere with large windows and the beds are comfortable, they are in a 4-story building (2 rooms per floor).


Provide a lodging service based on offering the best experience, hospitality and friendliness to our guests with a personalized treatment with a staff willing to attend to their needs, being a sustainable company committed to caring for the environment.


Achieve being a prestigious company at the local and national level, promoting and encouraging the tourist development of the city of Arequipa; offering a personalized service that allows our guests to enjoy a good stay; having a continuous improvement based on values, hospitality and committing ourselves to have an eco-friendly relationship with the planet.


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